Hello, my name is Greg Garnhart.

I am a 21 year old attending The College of William and Mary doubling in computer science & marketing, with a concentration in entrepreneurship.


I grew up in Loudoun County, VA, where I developed an interest in computer science, design, and entrepreneurship. Though I excel at making puns, my passion lies with working on small projects and watching them grow. From making websites for local businesses to small chrome extensions, I enjoy playing around with different frameworks and making small ideas come to life.


The College of William and Mary

Computer Science

Fall 2016 - Spring 2020

William and Mary offers a computer science program that provides students with necessary skills, while providing a framework for creativity. I have been free to explore, but have also learned the building blocks.

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Fall 2018 - Spring 2020

William and Mary rigorous marketing program prepares students through various case studies, an overall business application processes, and numerous free coffee days.

Prior Employment .

Operations Fellow, Miller Entrepreneurship Center

May 2018 - Present

Directed W&M’s Entrepreneurship Center Operations to serve over 150 members and a substantial alumni base
Lead operations focused team to design, develop, and deploy a Founders Wall app, dynamic displays for the welcome screen in the Entrepreneurship Center, and maintain a custom-built CRM to track member engagement

My Candid Campus, Co-Founder

April 2017 - Present

Since coming on, My Candid Campus has grown from 1 campus to over 60. We contract over 160 guides across the country. In addition to a focus on growth, I maintain and design our website, create our guide request forms, and do general online maintenence related to our business.

I also focus on reaching out and interviewing with local news outlets. Our most recent article was in The Virginia Gazette

Software Development Intern, Solution Street

June 2018 - August 2018

Developed a Web Based catering registration application using Ruby on Rails, Postgres, and Bootstrap
Deployed using Heroku and generated over $100,000 in customer orders in the first two weeks
Implemented RESTful practices to serve responses to business search queries, client emails, and review comments
Used an Agile approach when having bi-weekly with clients to expedite design and development processes
Implemented version control with Git and used Unfuddle as a ticketing system and remote repository

Skills .

I am proficient in React, Rails, Ruby, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and Wordpress. I have experience with SEO, Ruby, PHP, mySQL, and Amazon Web Services . In my spare time I enjoy photography, running, and ultimate frisbee . I am Redcross CPR and Lifeguard Certified , and though I can drive a stick shift, I prefer my Mom's Prius.

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