Hello, my name is Greg Garnhart.

I am a nineteen year old attending The College of William and Mary interested in computer science, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


I grew up in Loudoun County, VA, where I developed an interest in computer science, design, and entrepreneurship. Though I excel at making puns, my passion lies with working on small projects and watching them grow. From making websites for local businesses to small chrome extensions, I enjoy playing around with different frameworks and making small ideas come to life.


The College of William and Mary

Computer Science

Fall 2016 - Spring 2020

William and Mary offers a computer science program that provides students with necessary skills, while providing a framework for creativity. I have been free to explore, but have also learned the building blocks.

Prior Employment .

Web Designer

December 2016 - Present

Starting in December, I have begun making small websites for local businesses. Focusing mainly on psychiatrists who are tired of paying $30/month for alternative online presence strategies, I provide a cheap alternative to uglier, less responsive websites. With hopes of expanding in the future, web design has become more than a hobby. I focus on frontend development, but have experience with PHP, mySQL, and Amazon Web Services.

Sites I have worked on include Champion College Counseling and Evergreen Counseling Center.

Candid Campus Tours, CTO and Co-Founder

April 2017 - Present

Since coming on, Candid Campus Tours has grown from 1 campus to over 30. We contract over 80 guides across the country. In addition to growth, I maintain and design our website, create our guide request forms, and do general online maintenence related to our business.

I also focus on reaching out and interviewing with local news outlets. Our most recent article was in The Virginia Gazette

Miller Entrepreneurship Center, Web Developer

October 2017 - Present

Since early October, I've worked to maintain the Miller Entrepreneurship Center webiste by building out pages, decreasing page loadtimes, and fixing problems as they arise.


May 2015 - Present

I work as a part-time lifeguard at my local pool during the summer months. The experience has provided me a look into management, crowd control, working under pressure, and customer service.

Skills .

I am proficient in Python, Java, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and Wordpress. I have experience with SEO, Ruby, PHP, mySQL, and Amazon Web Services . In my spare time I enjoy photography, running, and ultimate frisbee . I am Redcross CPR and Lifeguard Certified , and though I can drive a stick shift, I prefer my Mom's Prius.

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